Elder Care

Since the 1990s, We have begun to notice the abandonment of the elderlies-in-need. When the first old folks home was founded, there were very few supporters. Financing was the biggest obstacles to us then. The journey of fundraising was started by one of the founders, who went door-to-door, street-to-street, asking each person he came across for kind their donation and support. The fundraising team gradually become more organized, and expanded the fundraising operations from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur and other states. As the fund raised was rather limited, the founders had not choice but to go with some basic facilities. And our first old folks home is established, in 1999, Malacca state.

Our first old folks home was founded in 1999, Malacca. In the following 2 years, we established two more homes, Kuala Lumpur (2000) and Johor Bahru (2001). The original JB branch was located in Taman Tasek when established in 2001. It was moved to Taman Abad three years later.

Subsequently, the home was moved from Taman Abad to Putuo Village, Kulai in mid-2006 (until today), to allowed the elderlies to have a better living environment. In 2015, all three homes (Malacca, KL, and JB) served as much as 155 elderlies. To restructure and integrate our human and financial resources, we have decided to combine Malacca homes with the home in Putuo Village. Effectively ended our Malacca operations in 2016.

Our existing Kuala Lumpur old folks home is located at Happy Garden Kuchai Lama. Operating in two attached units of rented three storey terrace houses. We’re currently caring for around 30 to 35 old folks. Old Folks Home Kuala Lumpur is embarking on a relocation and expansion project to benefit 200 old folks who are homeless and in need of care in the future.

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